Who’s who: Dutch Record Labels

Where would we be without our golden labels of course. The Netherlands has historically been home to a couple of huge labels (Polydor, Roadrunner, Spinnin’, Armada) but we’ve always had small, humble and authentically indie labels at the same time. Here’s a who’s who of all relevant Dutch labels, including the majors and major-owned companies.

Did I miss anyone? Let me know in the comments or drop me an email at info@bohemianmgmt.com. So beware, this is a dynamic list and will probably get updated and extended as time goes on. Last update on 20/02/2021.

ADA Music Benelux
Genre: Allround
Website: https://www.ada-music.com

Armada Music
Genre: Dance
Website: https://www.armadamusic.com/

Avalon Music
Genre: hiphop
Website: https://www.avalonmusic.nl/

Black Hole
Genre: Dance
Website: https://www.blackholerecordings.com/

Genre: Allround
Website: https://ctmentertainment.com/music

Glitterbeat Records
Genre: World music
Website: https://glitterbeat.com/

MARS Label Group
Genre: Allround / pop
Website: https://mars-worldwide.com/

Golden Love Music
Genre: Dance
Website: https://www.goldenlovemusic.com

Grandmono Records
Genre: Caro Emerald’s label / pop / jazz
Website: https://grandmono.com/

Knekelhuis Records
Genre: Dance / alternative / underground
Website: https://knekelhuis.bandcamp.com/

Revanche Records
Genre: folk / pop / neoclassical
Website: https://www.revancherecords.com/

V2 Records
Genre: pop / indie / rock
Website: https://www.v2benelux.com/

Butler Records
Genre: Rock / alternative
Website: https://butlerrecords.com/

Genre: Alternative / indie
Website: https://www.piasgroup.net/network/holland/

Excelsior Records
Genre: Dutch / pop / indie
Website: https://www.excelsior-recordings.com/

Genre: Alternative / indie / pop
Website: https://www.dapper-music.nl/
Not sure if still active, part of Top Notch/Universal

Top Notch
Genre: hiphop / alternative
Website: http://top-notch.nl/

Caroline Records
Genre: Allround
Website: http://carolinebenelux.com/

Genre: lo-fi
Website: https://chillhop.com/

Burning Fik
Genre: hiphop / punk
Website: https://burningfik.com/

LAB Music / Lifesabeach
Genre: Distro / allround
Website: https://www.lab-music.nl/

Bitbird / Heroic
Genre: Dance / Electronic
Website: https://bitbirdofficial.com/

Revealed Recordings
Genre: Dance / Electronic
Website: https://www.revealedrecordings.com/

Be Yourself Music
Genre: Dance
Website: https://beyourselfmusic.com/

Genre: punk / alternative / loud
Website: https://suburban.nl/en/

Coaster Records
Genre: indie / lo-fi / postpunk
Website: https://coasterrecords.bandcamp.com/

Genre: Indie
Website: http://www.snowstar.nl/

Dox Records
Genre: Jazz / funk
Website: https://www.doxrecords.amsterdam/

Genre: Alternative / indie
Website: https://www.konkurrent.nl/

Mink Records
Genre: indie / world music
Website: https://www.mink-records.com/

Genre: alternative / underground
Website: https://subroutine.nl/

White Russian Records
Genre: Punk
Website: https://www.whiterussianrecords.nl/

Bearded Punk Records
Genre: Punk
Website: https://www.beardedpunk.com/

Blindsided Records
Genre: Punk
Website: https://blindsidedrecords.com/

Genre: Loud / alternative
Website: https://tartarusrecords.com/

Spazz Records
Genre: Underground / indie
Website: https://www.spazzrecords.com/

Milkcow Records
Genre: Alternative / indie / underground
Website: http://milkcowrecords.com/

Genre: Dance
Website: https://2-dutch.nl/

8-Ball Music
Genre: Pop / indie
Website: https://www.8ballmusic.nl/

Ambassadors Of Entertainment
Genre: Allround
Website: https://www.ambassadorsofentertainment.nl/

Afreaka Records
Genre: Afro-Latin-Electro House
Website: http://www.afreaka-records.com/

Black Hole Recordings
Genre: Dance
Website: https://www.blackholerecordings.com/

Challenge Records
Genre: Jazz / classical / pop
Website: https://challengerecords.com/

Channel Classics Records
Genre: Classical
Website: https://www.channelclassics.com/

Cloud 9 Music
Genre: Pop
Website: https://www.cloud9music.nl/

Coast to Coast
Genre: Pop / folk
Website: https://coasttocoast.nl/

Cornelis Music
Genre: Pop / allround
Website: https://cornelismusic.nl/

CYB3RPVNK Productions
Genre: Dance
Website: https://www.cyb3rpvnk.com/

Dee 2 Records
Genre: Pop/rock
Website: https://www.dee2records.nl/

Field of Roses
Genre: Allround
Website: https://bastamusicstore.com/

Friendly Fire
Genre: pop
Website: https://www.friendly-fire.nl/

Holliwood Records
Genre: Dutch folk
Website: http://www.holliwoodrecords.com/

Marista Music Company
Genre: Pop/rock/heavy
Website: https://www.maristarecords.com/

Modestus Records
Genre: Dutch folk
Website: https://www.modestus.nl/

More Life Entertainment
Genre: Hiphop
Website: https://morelife-entertainment.nl/

Neerlands Dope
Genre: Hiphop
Website: http://neerlandsdope.nl/

Genre: Dutch folk
Website: https://www.nrgymusic.nl/site/

OJ Fam Entertainment
Genre: Hiphop
Website: https://www.ojfam.nl/

Pentatone Music
Genre: Classical
Website: http://www.pentatonemusic.com/

PM Recordings
Genre: Hiphop
Website: https://www.pmlabelgroup.com/labels/pm-recordings/

Protocol Records
Genre: Dance
Website: https://protocol-recordings.com/

Purple Eye Entertainment
Genre: Dance
Website: http://www.purple-eye.com/

Red Bullet
Genre: Dutch folk / rock
Website: https://www.redbullet.nl/en/home-en/

Rotterdam Airlines
Genre: Hiphop
Website: https://www.rotterdamairlines.nl/

Striker Recordings
Genre: Hiphop
Website: https://www.wearestriker.nl/

Umoja Music
Genre: Hiphop
Website: www.umojamusic.com

Genre: Dutch folk
Website: http://vosound.nl/

Walboomers Music
Genre: Hiphop / world
Website: https://www.walboomers.com/

Wilde Westen Records
Genre: Hiphop
Website: https://www.wildewestenrecords.nl/

ZenneZ Records
Genre: Jazz
Website: https://www.zennezrecords.com/

Zip Records
Genre: Pop
Website: http://www.ziprecords.com/


Genre: Allround
Website: https://www.sonymusic.nl/

Warner Music
Genre: Allround
Website: https://www.warnermusic.nl/

Universal Music
Genre: Allround
Website: https://universalmusic.nl/

BMG Talpa Music
Genre: Allround
Website: https://www.bmgproductionmusic.nl/nl/

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